Star Wars TCG Apprentice Patch Website

Jan 23, 2008 - Better late than never.

SWTCG Apprentice Full Installer - Version 10.1.a (self extracting executable)

SWTCG Apprentice Full Installer - Version 10.1.a (zip file)

Note: the 2 files have the same exact content. You need one or the other, not both.

Changes since the previous release:

Added all Revenge of the Sith Cards
Corrected a few minor typos on cards

Installation instructions:

If you chose the self extracting executable, have it extract into c:\
It will create a folder called apprentice. If you choose to extract
to a different location, make sure to edit the appr.ini file within
the apprentice directory and edit the line:


Change it to reflect the proper location of the file.
If you do not do this, you will get an error when you start apprentice,
but you can go to (Options -> Preferences) and set the theme there.

If you choose the zip file, simply extract the contents to c:\
This will dump everything into the folder c:\apprentice.
If you use a different location, follow the instructions above for
changing the Theme line.